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Nowadays, it’s common to witness promising beginnings that somehow lose speed along the way. As a somatic and leadership coach, I find it fascinating to explore the complexities of team dynamics and common traps that impede the successful completion of tasks.

Let’s see the issues and possible solutions:

Issue: Disconnect

One prevalent issue is the need for more understanding among team members. While it’s true that sometimes misunderstandings arise, there are instances where team members comprehend each other perfectly well but struggle to connect with the essence of the task at hand.

Solution: Clear communication

Talk openly. Make sure everyone understands the task. Communication is vital, and it’s the first step to a smoother ride.

Issue: The silent promise

Many team members commit to delivering results by a specific date but fall into the trap of silence, hoping for a miracle.

Solution: Active engagement

Don’t wait for miracles; make them happen. Stay engaged, share progress, and seek help when needed. Silence won’t get the job done.

Issue: Ideas in abundance, No action

Some team members may be full of ideas and creativity, but the challenge lies in converting these concepts into tangible results.

Solution: Idea implementation

Don’t just dream; do. Break down big ideas into doable steps. Understand what you need and make it happen.

Issue: Passing the buck

Despite clearly divided tasks, some team members inexplicably pass the baton to others. The more people in the team, the bigger the circle.

Solution: Team cooperation

Understanding where the breakdown occurs can unveil underlying issues and foster a more collaborative environment.

To sum it up, it’s about keeping the conversation flowing, staying engaged, and turning ideas into actions.

Tip for leaders: Strike the right balance. Guide, but let your team take the reins. Empower them to own their tasks.

Tip for employees: Don’t just wait for orders; actively contribute and take charge. Deliver what you promise (or don’t promise at all)