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Self-confidence – condition for new adventures

Answers to the question How to achieve notable business success will always differ and depend on several factors. Some people will respond to the skills and knowledge you need to possess. Others will add courage and audacity to it, as important characteristics. However, self-confidence is the basis of any success. Self-confidence is built gradually, and as we go through various experiences and situations it becomes greater.

The level of self-confidence will very often be one of the key factors for the image we create of ourselves, the way we present ourselves to others, and the way they see and analyze us.

People who are confident in themselves make decisions faster, they are ready to help others, have life in their hands and are confident captains on their ships. The wheel is always in their hands, regardless of whether the waters they sail are calm or not.

However, the lack of self-confidence can slow down career advancement and reduce the quality of life. Working on it is very important and with practice, perseverance and support, the results can be seen quickly.

Lack of support can be one of the reasons for the lack of self-confidence. People who do not have self-confidence constantly question themselves and, unfortunately, very often do not have a real picture of their qualities. They should be told that they do not need to know absolutely every detail of their job and should not give up when the first obstacle appears. They must keep in mind that people learn from their own experience and only their improvement and advancement of their own skills can lead to an absolute self-confidence.

Everyone, and especially people who doubt themselves, need someone to encourage them from time to time. That is why my advice would be to call a close person in those moments and hear words of support, just to be reminded of qualities one possesses.

Please remember that we also need to learn to praise ourselves when we achieve a goal and to sincerely rejoice in our successes and challenges. You have taken a serious path to get where you are.

Also, although it may sound strange to some, numerous exercises, mental images, sounds and feelings can be helpful. I would recommend the exercise of creating your own future. It involves visualizing future events, projecting yourself into time and space, or projecting the best case scenario you want to happen. If you can clearly imagine yourself as a brave person full of self-confidence – then you are on the right path. Pay attention because this may seem simple, but actually isn’t. There are those who do not find it easy at all. I would suggest to those people to go back in time for a moment and recall a situation when they had enough self-confidence, and use that as their anchor. Summon a feeling that can be in the form of an image, point on the body or perhaps a sound and then project that into the future.

This “anchoring” technique is used to encourage positive conditions and experience the future as we want it. Beware, it’s the feeling that matters, not the context itself.

Of course, there are also people who have an excess of self-confidence, which sometimes borders with arrogance and narcissism. The reasons are numerous. One of them is reaching the very top of your career very early and hence the absence of gradual but healthy self-building. The consequences are plenty, both for that person and for the environment.

People with excessive self-confidence would like to always present themselves in the best possible light and the emphasis is always on that act more than on productivity and helping others.

Experience has taught me that self-confidence is built slowly, step by step, gained through experience and through the encouragement of dear people. However, support often comes from those we least expect, which makes the path to success even more interesting and unpredictable. And in order to peek into new adventures and swim in new waters, to make your life better and more beautiful, you really need to be brave and confident. Therefore, nurture yourself and your self-confidence. Enjoy the charms that life brings.

It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allow us to keep looking for new adventures.

Oprah Winfrey