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Be happy for other people’s success

Why doesn’t someone’s success make us happy? Instead, it often triggers just the opposite reaction.

Firstly, while contemplating why we aren’t the ones who succeeded, very often the first thing we think about is injustice.

The fact is that some people have the kind of luck that cannot be defined. Why are some people born in circumstances that ensure their success while others have to work hard to rise to the level that satisfies them? Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we react to someone else’s success with envy, even though we are not envious by nature.

Life runs – who fails to catch it, is left alone – Maxim Gorky

Sometimes the first thing we think about when someone is promoted is whether that person deserves the position, how they got it, whether they had enough skills and abilities, whether the promotion can endanger us in some way … Rarely do we think and say: Great news! How did you achieve that? Can you be my mentor? I’m so happy for you.

We may even begin to believe that life is not fair to us. Why does everyone get recognition except me? You probably think he/she didn’t deserve a promotion and you did.

Competition is especially pronounced in the business environment, especially in teams. I believe that there will be more and more of it in the working and living conditions caused by new circumstances. Let’s face it, the competition is good to some extent. It helps people improve themselves and their performance. It is healthy only if it stimulates and motivates us to work on ourselves.

Fears and insecurities are an inevitable part of life. When a person around us succeeds, we sometimes begin to be filled with jealousy, anger, bitterness, and envy because we believe that the success that a person has rightly achieved should be ours. When someone succeeds, people around him perceive it as their failure and that is why they can hardly be happy for other people’s success.

You may have had experiences where people took credit for your results, presented them as their own, and were eventually promoted, leaving everyone behind. All of the above are learned reactions and behaviors that you can change if you become aware of them.

Try to put your emotions on a higher frequency, create an experience in which you admire yourself and your own successes in life. That way, you will learn to be happy for other people’s achievements.

Sometimes it is also good to go back in time for a moment and remember the success you have achieved regardless of the challenges you have gone through. We have a lot of emotions that control us instead of us controlling them. Be grateful for that because you certainly wouldn’t have succeeded if you hadn’t gained all those experiences.

Ask yourself: What can I do to have more success in life? What other skills do I need to master? What will this kind of success bring to my life? What do I need to give up in order to succeed? What kind of person will I become if I have success in my life?

Therefore, be happy about the success of others because perhaps you are the next one whose success people should be happy for. Having support is always important, especially if it comes from a team and close co-workers. That way we create an unbreakable chain and become stronger in our common mission.