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Increasingly we have the opportunity to hear or even use the word ‘consulting’ when talking about various areas of business and management. The definition of consulting is simply giving advice to a certain group of people. But giving advice is a very broad term. What is certain, though, is that at some point, whether privately or professionally, we all found ourselves in a situation where we needed advice or support. 

Maybe you just started your own business or you are in a dilemma about your next step? Maybe you want to analyze the organizational structure in your company, you feel that your team needs additional motivation, you encounter difficulties and you don’t manage to find the cause of all this? You want to develop and upgrade the skills of your employees, in order to get better results? You may simply be overwhelmed with jobs and responsibilities from different areas. 

All these questions have something in common!

They are linked by the fact that it is essential that during these processes you get the support from the right and qualified person, and of course, at the right time! No one can be a perfect manager or leader, but one can choose the right people who will be an equal part of the team and build an atmosphere where every member can grow and thrive. 

In addition to consulting, important issues such as mutual respect, balance, flexibility, maturity, and the ability to overcome conflicts are introduced and explored. We are aware that these issues are crucial in our private lives as well, so why not combine the practical and the useful? 


The meaning of consulting is a positive change, achievements, and the right path to the end goal. Having worked in the field of finance and banking for 30 years, we believe that we can make an exceptional contribution to every client who decides to ask us for support. What makes us different is our personalized approach to each client. After the initial consultation and conducting a situation overview, together we decide on the primary focus and start planning and consequently, realizing the goals!

Our professional satisfaction is your success. Healthy business operation is our guarantee!

Our task here at Balance2Business is to, together with you strategically reach the best and most profitable long-term solution!