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We live in a very dynamic business environment. It has its perks, but also its downsides. It has created twenty-four-hour availability which can be abused by many people.

Although the term flexible working hours sounds nice, it means there are no precise working hours. Of course, doing what you like leads to pure enjoyment. However, sometimes we do our best and invest huge amounts of energy and time but don’t get what we deserve in return. Others simply don’t see it or take it for granted. This can lead to disappointment.

To protect ourselves, we must set boundaries. They are essential for several reasons:

  1. Protecting yourself from being taken advantage of: Being polite and available doesn’t mean that others can always demand more and more.
  2. Reducing disappointments and burnout: Setting clear boundaries can create a healthy work-life balance and protect our mental well-being. You shouldn’t be available to everyone all the time.
  3. Learn how to say NO to things and people you feel uncomfortable with: A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that workplace stress, low morale, and burnout were major factors in lost productivity. A coach can be of great help here. Hire one ?
  4. Showing people the importance of your time and work: This strengthens self-confidence and reminds you of the significance of what you do. Always have in mind your values.
  5. Having time for other activities: It’s great that you love what you do, but there are plenty of other things to discover. Make some time for it.