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Many people are thinking about how good it would be to get a pay raise. How many of you are about to ask for it? If you have been considering the idea for a while, it is because your work is worth more than you earn now. The process of asking for a pay raise is very delicate, and you may have some questions. These are the most frequent ones:

What is the right moment to ask for a raise?

The ideal moment is after a successfully completed project because your success is “fresh” to your superior. Of course, it would be good to have a set of other similar achievements in the past.

How to mentally prepare to ask superiors? 

Plan that conversation. The best way is to practice with friends or family members and see if they have any tough questions for you. This is important because when you come to the interview, you need to think quickly and have prepared answers to all possible questions. Keep in mind breathing and tone of voice and be confident. Non-verbal communication is equally important as verbal one.

What is the most important thing when presenting your proposal?

Start by saying you are satisfied with your job and the support you’re receiving from your superior, that you feel good in that team and like your role there. Remember that time is money, and you should be clear and concise about why you deserve a raise.

Why should you get a raise? 

Put yourself in the shoes of the decision-makers. See things from their point of view. By doing this, you’ll be able to see the situation much clearer.

If you decide to ask for a raise or promotion, keep these tips in mind and never compare yourself to other employees, not even the ones from other companies.

No matter how the conversation goes, being professional and respectful is very important. Your manager has many things to consider regarding the new salary.

Of course, the answer can also be NO. Don’t take it too personally – sometimes the budget doesn’t prescribe additional costs, or you may need to wait a bit more.

Jelena Vuletic, ACC…