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In business, timing can be everything, and choosing the right moment can make the difference between success and failure.

Picking the right moment requires careful consideration of many factors. It requires a combination of intuition, experience, and analysis.

There is often a lot of talk about the power of communication and choosing the right words, but I would like to say something about the importance of silence because it is a powerful tool for building relationships. By being silent and paying attention to non-verbal communication, we gain a deeper understanding, build trust and learn how to be more patient.

It is, however, easier said than done.

There is a part of one coaching exercise in which one pairs is required to stay silent for two minutes and keep their space. Two minutes only. Just to look at each other and observe. As simple as that. Despite easy instructions, people often ask me “But how to stay silent?”, “What to do during these 2 minutes?” This shows how much people rely on words and about the urge they have to fulfil the silence often with river of words. This exercise helps improve our listening skills, by creating a space for deep listening and empathy, a space for reflection and introspection. It demonstrates the importance of finding the right moment for communication.

All the above is very much related to somatic coaching, which emphasizes the importance of physical sensations, movements, and gestures. The results are extraordinary.

I am inviting you to try the new program “From boss to coach – powered by somatic” which stands out from all the programs precisely because of the application of elements of somatic coaching and starts from the fact that leadership and managerial competencies can be learned and embodied through physical condition.