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Inspired by the misunderstandings in the communications from the previous days, and as a natural sequence that only when we are calm and give space to silence can we truly listen, I chose this important topic. I believe it is clear to everyone that there is a huge difference between hearing and listening to someone.

Active listening is an important communication skill to understand the interlocutor’s message fully and goes beyond simply physically listening to the sound. In addition to being present at the moment, one must be open-minded and without prejudice. This is extremely important in coaching because a coach must have active listening as a primary skill, which I further improved during my coaching journey. I also transferred the received benefits to the corporate world since I believe listening and not just hearing each other is very important. However, I would like to focus on everyday life, all situations, and people regardless of their profession.

How many of you have heard of the three levels of active listening?

At the first level, we listen to the other person’s words, but our attention is focused on what they mean to us. This is about “me”: my thoughts, my judgments, my feelings, my conclusions about myself and others.

At the second level of listening, we focus on what is most important to the interlocutor. In this case, the focus is always on the interlocutor, and little attention is paid to the outside world.

And finally, the third level. The best one. The third level of listening follows the delicate changes in tonality, mood, tempo, energy, intuition, and emotions that are hidden behind the words. At this level, we include a neutral position and open questions.

How much do we listen to each other, and at what level is that listening? How actively do you listen, and how much do your colleagues, family members, and friends listen to you? How much impact has the new age had when it comes to listening to each other?