Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things that you can wear

Taylor Swift

Self-confidence is one of the most significant traits if a person wants to achieve outstanding business success. By believing in ourselves and our abilities, we face challenges much easier, take risks and communicate more effectively with team members and business partners. Self-confidence helps with dealing with pressure and constructive criticism. Even when mistakes happen, they are handled much better and seen as a chance to learn.

When it comes to leaders, their hard work can hardly ever compensate lack of self-confidence. Leaders should inspire, present their visions and move to action, which is impossible without this trait.

There are people with a lot of knowledge who need more self-confidence. Why should they improve this? Because it prevents them from coming forward in front of people who have less knowledge but have confidence. Self-confidence can sometimes beat knowledge, but if you have both, you can become unbeatable.

Although some think self-confidence is limited for a specific group of people, it can be developed through practice, persistence and dedication. Coaching can offer support to those who are willing to work on it.

Of course, it is not a fast road to take but a set of small steps. It takes time.

  • Recognize the strengths and traits you need to work on
  • Learn from those who show self-confidence in their everyday life
  • Change your approach to things (accept support when it is offered)
  • Communicate openly, share with others and ask for support
  • Take more risks. It helps you grow and open new opportunities

Jelena Vuletic, ACC

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