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During our life we often find ourselves burdened by responsibilities, obligations and those familiar routines that come with adulting. Sometimes, we become hesitant and even reluctant to explore new territories, fearing the judgment of others or the potential discomfort because of unfamiliar experiences.

Yet, as we grow older, it’s essential to remind ourselves of qualities that many young people have – open-mindedness, curiosity and ability to embrace new experiences.

In the company of youth, we discover that they are the first to say “yes” to a dance, engage in seemingly silly activities, and learn without fear.

This post is a reminder that being open to new experiences, accepting change, and daring to learn completely new things (often outside our comfort zone) is not exclusive to a specific age group.

The fear of being perceived as childish can hold us back. Let’s challenge these barriers and give ourselves permission to be open-minded. This way we:

  • stimulate creativity
  • fosters personal growth
  • and stay connected to the world around us.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to say “yes” to a dance, do it with enthusiasm. Say “yes” to yourself. Be free with people even if you don’t know them personally – it can be a lot of fun. Workshops and trainings can be great opportunities to meet new people, learn from them and most importantly – learn to relax. Don’t say “It doesn’t go with me and my age”.

The next time you have the opportunity to engage in a playful activity, join in without hesitation. Find joy in small things – all of us need it.