If you are a manager and leading a team, this question has crossed your mind several times.

Some managers would immediately answer NO. They base their answer on the fact that employees should know their tasks and act accordingly. Some employees think that they don’t need to be reminded because it adds additional pressure and interferes with their work style. Find a convenient tool to keep track of their tasks so they don’t see reminders as a distraction.

I, however, think that a reminder from time to time is beneficial for several reasons:

  • people sometimes simply forget because they are busy with other things, so this reminder comes in handy;
  • it improves team communication and promotes clarity;
  • trust is built between superiors and employees because employees better understand what is expected of them, so they are more likely to fulfill these expectations;
  • serves as feedback and helps employees learn how to be more proactive;
  • risk is reduced and potential problems are prevented before they occur. Employees take necessary precautions and avoid mistakes;

When reminding employees about their tasks, we must keep in mind that it can be seen as criticism. In order to avoid that, managers should communicate clearly, have a positive approach and be constantly focused on the future. Last but not least, celebrate their success – remind them how good they are.

Reminding employees can be a suitable method focused on prevention, development and a better future for both employees and employers.


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