The two-day “Authentic Leadership” training program went better than we expected! Two dynamic and energetic days were spent with the most creative, imaginative, generous, hardworking and determined group we could have hoped for.

We were very persistent and determined to hold the training live rather than online. Naturally we abided by all government measures combating the spread of COVID19.

We’ve shown that leaders, especially authentic leaders, are made and not born. They grow and build with daily hard work and devotion, combined with these types of professional development programs. Programs that are adapted not only to the Information Age but also to the current gender landscape in leadership.

Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity!

Rather than sharing the experiences ourselves, we thought it would be best to show you participants’ impressions:

“I will implement all the defined action steps in the function of achieving my desired table (point) of values. Then, I will use practical examples in communication with colleagues and in private, and I will practice a meditative technique that has been explained to us, at least once a day for at least a month. ”

“Very interesting and useful lectures that hold attention, lead to contemplation and active participation.”

“Wonderful atmosphere and energy among the participants, led by wonderful and dedicated lecturers.”

“The most was learned from practical examples and games, as well as through the exchange of opinions among the participants and lecturers.”

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