The dilemma I had was whether to bring up the topic of dilemma in this form or not. 😊

To publish or not to publish?

I chose to do it and would love to hear your thoughts.

Dilemmas can arise in many areas of life. The most frequent ones deal with:

  • personal relationships – Should I put an end to this relationship?
  • career decisions – Should I quit my job and start a new one?
  • or those ethical – Should I tell the truth even though it may hurt some people?

Whether the issues are minor, part of our everyday life or much bigger, dilemmas sometimes take our precious time and energy. Understanding how we deal with them can help us a lot in the future.

Before solving dilemma, what are your main guidelines? Do you rely on similar previous experiences? Are you the type of person who relies on intuition? Do you combine both? If so, what prevails?

It’s not rare that people toss a coin and decide about some burning issues only based on that. Is that the case with you?

Do you rely on advice from friends and family?

Jelena Vuletic, ACC…

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