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Sometimes you may disagree with your team members and those who you are in charge of. However, respecting what they have to say is the most important thing. This respect implies that without interrupting, with a non-judgmental attitude, you carefully listen, give them a chance and space, and then monitor the outcome together.

In this way, you will support and encourage them and thus create a much more favorable business environment. People you give trust to will take responsibility more easily later on.

Allow people to make mistakes sometimes, especially in everyday things. It’s not the end of the world.

Although it sounds like a good recipe for business excellence, this has become more of an exception than the rule.

Some managers have less and less patience, don’t listen enough, and don’t give opportunities. The reasons can differ – from the attitude “I know best” to fear for one’s position.

If you do not give a chance to people, you may continue to complain that “you have to do everything yourself.”

Jelena Vuletic, ACC..