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It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen

John Wooden

I was recently hired for training out of Montenegro and have incredible impressions to share with you.

The treatment I received was outstanding. Every, even the smallest detail, was taken care of. I encountered openness and readiness to assist in whatever I might have needed, even surpassing it. Organizers made me feel very welcomed and immediately part of the team. I am sure this individual approach would meet everyone’s expectations. Here I am not speaking about kindness, taking guests out or entertaining them. It is much more than that. Having an individual approach that strikes the right balance between professional respect and a friendly atmosphere is more than a skill. In cases like this, people in charge have a feeling for the final touch.

Some companies think it is enough to pay for someone’s service. However, the additional value is what makes all the difference.

The corporate culture of treating guests so that they feel special says a lot about the company’s values. Such a company rests on sound foundations and becomes a brand that sets the standard, the one that is talked about.

Good organization, taking care of people and paying attention to small details lead to mutual respect, great results, loyal collaboration, and act as fuel and driving force. The added value makes one company extraordinary.

Jelena Vuletic, ACC..