I would like to share with you a story from 10 days ago.

After the morning training, I decided to take a walk back home, while enjoying one of my favorite playlists. My backpack was not properly fastened, so my house keys fell somewhere along the way. Of course, I realized that only when I came right in front of the door. Well, the music from the headphones was certainly pleasing, but perhaps because of that I didn’t hear when the keys fell out of the backpack.

And now, the interesting part begins.

Knowing that my wonderful co-worker Ema might be passing that way, I called and asked her to take a look and try to find the keys. I gave her precise instructions which side of the road I was taking and where they might have fallen off.

Even tough it was a bit of a frustrating situation, I decided not to worry. I was in complete peace. Even my body didn’t give any signs of stress. I simply believed in the positive outcome.

Ema called me shortly after and said she had actually found the keys. And not only did she find them, but someone hung them in a more visible place, in order to make sure that who ever is looking for them sees the spot they were left at.

So what’s the catch?

A conscious way of living, the vibration we are on and how we do things leads to any outcome – in this case, a positive one. It is as simple as that. Is it easy to get to that point? Not really.

When we are in chaos, when our body sends us signals and we ignore them, we can quite easily make a mistake.

Being at peace is something we have to learn and I would like to urge you all to start implementing it.

Recognizing the importance of the messages we receive on a daily basis is something crucial. When speaking about coaching, this is exactly what somatic coaching has taught me and why I love sharing the knowledge about it. This is why I am a somatic coach myself. I truly believe that everyone would see the benefits of somatic coaching very quickly.

Give it a chance. Be at peace.

Jelena Vuletic, ACC…

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