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How many people do we know who accept but do not deliver?

Most of them have good intentions, and they are real experts in their area of business but can hardly ever finish the task or achieve extraordinary results.

One of the main reasons is not being able to do things within the given time frames they set themselves. People experience time differently; some assignments take forever, while others seem to make time fly by.

They take on too many responsibilities and get carried away by enthusiasm thinking they can quickly meet deadlines and targets. The reality, however, often proves them wrong. Accepting and not delivering puts them in a state of stress and affects their self-confidence. Moreover, it leads to mistrust of others which additionally impacts their lives and business.

How to prevent this?

  • Make a list of priority tasks and check it every morning. The criteria for the list should be: necessity, adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Create real-time frames and set realistic targets and deadlines
  • Take fewer obligations and add new only after you finish the old ones
  • Delegate some things

All this results in accepting and delivering and thus finding the right balance in your life.

Jelena Vuletic, ACC..