Balance. Synchronicity. Togetherness. Emotions. These four words only partially describe why this April has been one of the best so far.

Yes, this second conference was very successful, but it was much more than that for me. It was unique, different, and inspiring. @sanjamilosavljevic and I knew we had to organize it in April, but the pieces came together beautifully, coinciding with my birthday. I had a unique opportunity to celebrate it with known and unknown people, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Balance was the key word of all attendees at all the panels – from the balance we all have to make when it comes to personal and business life to the one regarding male-female relationships. There were also plenty of stories of those who created a perfect balance between the left and right hemispheres. For example, I, a banker and a coach, read a poem by @Jelena Jovetić, an economist and a poet. It was one more step out of my comfort zone – and what a step that was! The last time I recited was in high school.

The synchronicity was there from the beginning – from choosing the conference date to the dress I wore. It turned out that the creator @Aleksandar Zabunović was born on the same day as me, so this red dress really brought pure joy.

The togetherness was present in every moment. Some women came alone but told us they had made the right choice. They immediately became part of the group, part of the energy, and they didn’t regret it. Togetherness in the true sense of the word.

When some stories are shared, everything is much easier – we learn that we are not alone in some challenges. Our dear guests from the world of politics shared that it is not easy in a man’s world, and my panelists that the process of raising awareness is still ongoing. Although it may have once sounded powerful to be called “sons” by our fathers, we have always been their daughters. @sanja said that her role model is her mother, while @tatjana and @rajka talked about their role as mothers – personal stories that enlighten and inspire, those that give wings.

Emotions have been in the air ever since, and we will need time to process everything. There was also a talk about the importance of the moment and opening new doors. However, emotions and these feelings only further oblige us to stay grounded and be even better in the future.

This was for those girls who once believed they weren’t good enough, for teenage girls who once thought they were not allowed to be themselves, for young women who once believed they did not belong to anyone, and those women now who want, know and are ready, but are not sure how and if it is really like that, if it is real, if they are real…

We have been preparing for this time here—time of heart.

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