Announcement for all managers, future (and current) leaders, educators, coaches, HR specialists and all those people who want to improve their personal and professional relationship, on 17.10.2020 “Points of You®” is finally coming to Podgorica!


The certified Points of You® Level I programme is a unique experience that WILL transform the way you communicate and connect with people, as well as solve interpersonal communication-related problems. Using the POY® methodology and it’s progressive tools, you will be able to learn how to reduce conflicts and start BUILDING bridges between people. Points of You®, a methodology based on phototherapy, significantly changed the world of coaching, human resources, as well as well as personal and professional development and has as its mission, like us at B2B, to improve the creativity and productivity of people and teams.

During POY® Explorer – Level I you will learn how to use two tools using “The Coaching Game” and “Punctum” that have over 100 cards, coaching maps, process questions and process words. These two tools speak the language of today, the powerful language of photography that provokes taught.

The four pillars of the POY® method that are adaptable to all themes, audiences and individual goals:

  • PAUSE for observation;
  • EXPANDING the possible views of things, people and events;
  • FOCUS on choices and possibilities;
  • DOING – creating new reality, new projects, ideas, patterns of behaviour.

You may ask yourself, “what do I get from the Points of You® Level I certification”?

  • Possibility to create recognizable workshops on all topics;
  • Possibility of cultivating team work and employee performance;
  • The possibility of creating an atmosphere of opportunity in any type of environment;
  • A new effective skill of communication and dialogue.

Upon completion, you will also receive not only a POY® EXPLORER certificate, but also 6 CCEs from International Coaching Federation. You will try the effects of the methodology on yourself first, and then you will be able to implement the knowledge you gained to a greater/wider audience.

Do not miss this opportunity to discover “out of the box” thinking techniques, surpass what is simply SAID in verbal communication, and get really deep into life’s essential topics.  

Your guides through this exciting journey will be Andrijana Ivanović from Belgrade – NLP Master, team coach, POY Coach Expert and country leader for Serbia; and Jelena Vuletić from Podgorica – Erickson coach, PCM coach, team coach, POY Coach Practitioner and our leading lady.


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