Efficient time management is becoming increasingly important and is considered one of the most essential modern-day skills.

In an increasingly fast-paced world that brings upon new challenges and commitments on a daily basis, the popular saying “time is money” has rarely been more accurate, and with that efficient time management, skill companies and enterprises cannot function without. 

It often happens that we do not have enough time to do everything we imagined. Especially when we look around, it might seem that everyone else has more time than us to do what they planned… a frustrating fact. Precisely because of this, there is a variety of literature, websites and consultants all of whom promise extra minutes, or even extra hours to our daily lives. 

Naturally, one might ask him/herself “why do I then need another training/workshop that promises the same?”.  The answer lies in the fact that our one-day training can provide you with not only readily applicable tips, but also with practical exercises which you will be able to apply to your professional and private life as soon as you leave the door. 

Upon the completion of the training, participants will acquire skills that will lead to their accuracy in performing their own tasks, as well as be enabled to identify and apply control over “time thieves”. In addition, participants will learn how to plan and give priority to more efficient work, to manage work interruptions more optimally, to identify the time-focus they are led by and the time-perception that is compatible with their personality type.

This training is intended for everyone who wants to increase their efficiency at work, managers across all levels, and even teams.